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3 Examples of How Effective Usage of HR Data Caused Employee Growth

Using HR data can help drive employee growth in the modern business environment. Employee growth is important as it directly contributes to the overall success of the organization. Using insights from HR data, strategies can be implemented that effectively drive employee growth. Several contemporary businesses have achieved success with the use of their HR data by encouraging and supporting employee growth.  

Below are 3 examples of this:  

1. Higher Productivity and Reduced Stress Levels among Employees at the Bank of America 

The Bank of America, noting low morale and performance among its employees, analyzed HR data trends to identify the source of the problem. Employees generally recorded high-stress levels and lower than normal productivity. Negative experiences among the workers had a direct negative impact on the organization’s performance. By analyzing their HR data, the Bank of America implemented collective breaks for its employees. During the breaks, the employees shared ideas and tips on how to handle challenging employee-customer interactions. The introduced work breaks resulted in a 23% improved work-performance and a 19% reduction in stress-levels among the employees. The Bank of America successfully used HR data to provide a conducive work environment for its employees. The result was the attainment of employee growth in customer-relations management aligned to organizational goals and objectives. 

2. Finding the Best Way to Grade Employee Performance  IBM Corporation 

IBM Corporation, as a leading information technology company, used HR data to determine how best to “grade” employee performance. Through responses and feedback collected from employees, HR data analysis revealed that the majority of workers were dissatisfied with the expression of their performance in the form of a curve. The company then eliminated the use of curves to represent employee performance in their various roles and responsibilities. In this case, the result was an improvement in employee experiences, which lead to individual growth across departments over the short and long-term performance.  

3. Increasing Safety and Security for Employees at Seeing Machines Inc. 

Seeing Machines, a driver-monitoring systems manufacturer, uses HR data to develop safety and security measures for their drivers at work. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in HR data analysis enables the company to determine when the drivers are fatigued or overworked in their workstations. Overworked and tired drivers could pose a risk to themselves and others in the work environment. Analyzing real-time data collected from their employees enables the company to implement alert mechanisms for fatigued employees. This has resulted in implemented measures for increased safety and security for employees working long hours at the company. ​​Working in a safe and secure environment has encouraged employee growth, which had led to an overall improvement in organizational performance.  

As seen through the success of modern businesses, the use of HR data proves useful in driving employee growth for different business organizations.  

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