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8 HR Tasks that can be Automated with Data Analytics Tools

The automation of HR tasks improves efficiency and minimizes errors in job completion. Increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity are some of the benefits associated with automation of HR processes. Here are 8 HR tasks that can be automated with data analytics tools. 

1. Tracking and Management of Employee Timesheets 

Previously, it was the HR manager’s role to manually track employee progress and performance. Data analytics tools automates employee timesheet-tracking, which significantly reduces the number of hours and effort manually spend on the management of employee information. Manually tracking employee wages, deductions, net pay, and related services proves inefficient. Automation of payroll services saves time and resources in the business.  

2. Managing Leave Requests 

By automating the management of leave requests, more of the HR manager’s time can be spent on more serious and strategic tasks. In addition to freeing up important time, manually processing leave requests occasionally results in losing track of requests and delays in request fulfilment – which leads to unhappy and frustrated employees who are then potentially distracted at work instead of completing tasks efficiently.  

3. Employee Performance Management 

Reviewing employee performance is important in ensuring alignment with business goals and objectives. Manual tracking processes are strenuous, time-consuming, and prone to bias. Automating performance management processes – usually entrusted to the HR manager – will result in a more bias-free process. Moreover, employee performance is recorded in a timely and accurate manner. Both employees and HR managers benefit from this! 

4. Undertaking Exit Interviews 

When employees exit an organization, they often leave valuable feedback for improvement of the business. Performing manual interviews can hinder honest feedback and be time-consuming. Automation of exit interviews will result in more honest and detailed feedback and less time spent in the process. 

5. The Recruitment Process 

The recruitment process can prove inefficient and resource-consuming when performed manually. Automation of a part of the recruitment, hiring, and screening processes allows for those individuals who fall short of the specified criteria are sieved out the pile. This is a massive time-saving benefit for recruitment managers and teams.    

6. Workflow Management 

Manually following-up on individual human tasks is time-consuming and prone to error. Automation of workflow processes creates time-use efficiency and increased accuracy in information exchange. Data Analytics tools monitor what each employee is tasked with and at what stage of the task they are expected to be. By allowing data analytics tools to keep track of employee task-tracking, managers are able to spot over-allocation of employee tasks, more frequently follow up in intervals, and spend less time managing workflow processes. 

7. Employee Benefits Administration 

Employee benefits administration involves tracking the benefits allowed to an employee in the course of their engagement with the organization. By automating this process, one ensures that employee benefits can being administered accurately, timely, and most importantly, fairly across an organization. 

8. Employee Off-boarding 

The end of an employee’s time with an organization can leave both the employer and employee tense. Manual off-boarding processes don’t always give the employee a​​ conducive environment to share their views of the organization for future improvement in the workplace. Automation of this process results in constructive feedback from both employer and employees – which allows for improvements to be made in the organization and, hopefully, a more attractive work environment and ultimately, more loyal employees. 

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