Streamlined HR reporting

Using pre-built Agile HR Analytics Solution

Optimised, Automated Power BI HR Reporting Solution for an International Oil and Gas Company


Using Oracle Fusion as a source of data for their own legacy HR reporting, the client spent considerable amounts of time on the manual preparation of basic HR reports due to limited capabilities of the Oracle Fusion system. 

The process involved the manual extraction of data into multiple files in Excel, followed by manual manipulation of the data to enable basic reporting. Not only was this process a time consuming activity but also was prone to the potential for errors. 



Improving efficiency with Power BI

Agile Analytics HR Solution built on Power BI was selected as the preferred candidate to replace and eliminate the previous manual legacy processes and reports in place of an industry leading, interactive and user-centred HR Analytics suite built in Power BI


The client now has an automated solution which extracts data from Oracle Fusion with Agile’s HR Solution Power BI reports reading from that data in real time. On top of this, the solution has saved more than 40 hours of manual work per month that was spent on preparing these reports compared to the legacy solution. 

On top of this, they can now share specific views and sections of these new reports  with other authorised managers and users in a secure way making the decision making process even more efficient.


“Power BI is a great tool for reporting and it can simplify and automate the manual processes which were followed. Agile Analytics team helped us with optimisation of our HR reporting using their solution built on Power BI. They did a terrific job in a very short time allowing us to focus on more on analytical side of the work rather than manual"

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