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Agile HR Analytics is an end-to-end HR reporting solution – built on Microsoft Power BI – to help organizations discover useful HR insights for strategic decision making. 


Navigating the world of data analytics can be intricate, and we recognize that questions often arise along the way. Our FAQ section is designed to address these queries, providing clear and concise answers for a smoother journey. 

Whether you’re looking for specifics about our services, curious about best practices, or simply seeking clarity on industry jargon, we’ve got you covered. Dive in and let our expertise guide you through the most commonly asked questions. If there’s something you can’t find, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here to help!


Q: What is Agile HR Analytics and how can it benefit my organization?
A: Agile HR Analytics is an advanced HR analytics solution built on Microsoft Power BI that transforms your HR data into actionable insights. It helps organizations improve decision-making, optimize workforce planning, and enhance employee engagement by providing data-driven insights on talent acquisition, retention, and performance.

Q: How can we get started with Agile HR Analytics? 
A: To get started with Agile HR Analytics, simply reach out to our team for a personalized demo and consultation. We’ll walk you through the features and benefits of the solution, discuss your organization’s specific needs, and help you design a tailored implementation plan that aligns with your HR objectives.

Q: What kind of support and training can we expect with Agile HR Analytics? 
A: Agile HR Analytics offers comprehensive support and training resources to ensure a smooth implementation and adoption process. Our team of experts provides onboarding assistance, ongoing technical support, and regular updates to help you get the most out of the solution. Additionally, we offer specialized training programs with our partner AIHR (Academy to Innovate HR)  to equip your HR team with the skills and knowledge needed to fully leverage the power of Agile HR Analytics.

Q: How does Agile HR Analytics ensure data quality and accuracy?  
A: Agile HR Analytics prioritizes data quality and accuracy through rigorous data validation and cleansing processes. Our solution employs advanced algorithms to identify and correct data inconsistencies, ensuring that the insights you derive from the platform are reliable and trustworthy. Moreover, we provide ongoing support to help maintain and improve data quality over time.

Q: How does Agile HR Analytics help in identifying and addressing skill gaps within our workforce?  
A: Agile HR Analytics provides detailed insights into the skill sets of your workforce and helps you identify any existing or potential skill gaps. By analyzing employee performance, learning history, and future business needs, it enables you to create targeted development plans and allocate resources effectively to bridge these gaps.

Q: Can Agile HR Analytics assist in diversity and inclusion initiatives within our organization? 
A: Yes, Agile HR Analytics offers powerful reporting and analysis tools that allow you to track diversity and inclusion metrics within your organization. With its ability to segment data by various demographic factors, you can easily identify areas for improvement and monitor the progress of your D&I initiatives over time.

Q: What kind of ROI can we expect from implementing Agile HR Analytics?
A: Implementing Agile HR Analytics can deliver significant ROI by driving data-driven decision-making, improving workforce planning, and increasing employee engagement. The solution helps you optimize recruitment, retention, and talent development strategies, leading to reduced turnover, improved productivity, and ultimately, a more effective workforce.

Q: Can Agile HR Analytics help us measure employee engagement and satisfaction?
A: Yes, Agile HR Analytics offers various metrics and reporting capabilities that allow you to measure and track employee engagement and satisfaction levels. By analyzing data from employee surveys, performance reviews, and other sources, you can gain insights into what drives employee engagement and identify opportunities for improvement.

Q: How does Agile HR Analytics support remote and hybrid work environments? 
A: Agile HR Analytics is designed to accommodate remote and hybrid work environments by providing real-time data access and collaboration features. This allows HR professionals, managers, and employees to access critical insights and make informed decisions regardless of their location, promoting more efficient and effective workforce management in a distributed work setting.

Q: How does Agile HR Analytics help us stay compliant with changing labor laws and regulations? 
A: Agile HR Analytics provides customizable reporting and analytics capabilities that enable you to track and monitor compliance with labor laws and regulations. With up-to-date information on workforce demographics, compensation, benefits, and more, you can ensure your organization remains compliant and mitigate the risk of potential legal issues.

Q: How does Agile HR Analytics deliver value to different stakeholders within an organization?  
A: Agile HR Analytics provides value to various stakeholders within an organization by offering tailored insights and reporting capabilities. HR professionals can gain a deeper understanding of workforce dynamics, managers can make data-driven decisions to improve team performance, and executives can access high-level analytics to inform strategic planning. This ensures that each stakeholder has the information they need to contribute to the organization’s success.

Pricing & Licensing

Q: How much does Agile HR Analytics cost? 
A: The cost of Agile HR Analytics depends on the specific requirements of your organization, including the number of users and the complexity of your data environment. We offer flexible pricing options tailored to your needs, ensuring that you receive a high return on investment. 

Please refer to the pricing page for more information. 

Q: Is the license fee a one-off cost or on an ongoing basis?
A: The license fee is a subscription paid annually. We also have the monthly direct debit option available.

Q: Is the consulting fee a one-off cost or on an ongoing basis?
A: The consulting fee is a one-off cost. If you require ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancements, a monthly fee can be discussed for a support agreement.

Q: What are the licensing options for Agile HR Analytics? 
A: We offer flexible licensing options for Agile HR Analytics to cater to different organizational needs and budgets. Licensing options include a subscription-based model that provides access to the platform and regular updates, as well as customized packages tailored to your specific requirements.

Q: What Power BI license do we need?
A: You need to have Power BI license which comes with Office 356 E5, or you can purchase Power BI Pro license for each Power User (people who will build new reports). You can use Power BI Premium which is a cost-effective option if you have more than 300 end users. We can provide guidance for the best licensing options as part of the implementation. Here is the comparison of the Power BI license options

Q: What do I need to provide to receive the quote for the implementation?
A: You can contact us and we will send you the required information including the source system(s), data size, required data refresh frequency (e.g. daily, monthly), preferred integration method (DPA, API, or data warehouse), and if you need to create new reports or just to customize the existing dashboards.

Privacy & Security

Q: How does Agile HR Analytics ensure data security and privacy? 
A: Agile HR Analytics is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy. Since the data is hosted on your organization’s own environment, there is no transfer of data outside your systems, ensuring complete control over your sensitive information. Additionally, our solution is built on Microsoft Power BI, which adheres to strict security standards, including encryption, access control, and regular security audits.

Q: How does Agile HR Analytics comply with data protection regulations? 
A: Agile HR Analytics is designed to comply with various data protection regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA. By hosting the data within your organization’s environment and not transferring any information outside, our solution helps you maintain compliance with these regulations while securely managing and analyzing your HR data.

Q: What is row-level security, and how does it work with Agile HR Analytics?  
A: Row-level security (RLS) is a feature that allows you to control access to data within your reports and dashboards based on users’ roles and permissions. With Agile HR Analytics, RLS is implemented using your organization’s Azure Active Directory, ensuring that users can only access and view data relevant to their roles and responsibilities. This adds an additional layer of security to your HR analytics, protecting sensitive information and safeguarding your organization’s data privacy.

Q: Will the data be hosted in your environment?
A: No, all data will be hosted in your own environment.

Q: Will data be secure?
A: Yes, in addition to the reports, security at row-level (RLS) will be implemented to enable setting up access for each user/role.


Q: What is the technical architecture of Agile HR Analytics? 
A: Agile HR Analytics is built on the robust and scalable Microsoft Power BI platform, ensuring seamless integration with various data sources and systems. Our solution leverages cloud-based architecture for secure data storage, high performance, and reliability, while allowing for easy scalability as your organization grows.

Q: Can we make any changes to the data model, field names, logic, reports, etc.?
A: Yes, you can make any changes that you want with no restrictions from us.

Q: How does Agile HR Analytics leverage artificial intelligence for better insights?
A: Agile HR Analytics utilizes AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze your HR data and identify patterns, trends, and anomalies. This helps in predicting employee behavior, identifying potential risks, and uncovering opportunities to improve overall workforce performance and productivity.

Q: How does Agile HR Analytics leverage AI to enhance workforce predictions and planning?
A: Agile HR Analytics utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze historical and real-time data, enabling more accurate workforce predictions and planning. This AI-driven approach helps you identify trends, anticipate employee behavior, and make more informed decisions regarding talent acquisition, management, and development.

Data Integration and Automation

Q: What are the integration options with the data systems?
A: There are 3 options: 
– DPA: we use a simple digital process automation (DPA) that will extract data to CSV/Excel files with our pre-defined templates, save them into a cloud-based storage like OneDrive or SharePoint Online, and load them into Power BI. 
– Database connection, if you store data in a database or data warehouse, we can connect to it or we can build your HR data warehouse.
– API integration with Workday, ADP, Dynamics 365, etc.

Q: Which integration option is quicker/more affordable?
A: DPA is a file-based integration that is a simple and quick solution – yet secure and scalable. In this option, we use an automated process to extract data in form of CSV from your HR system (such as Workday). This can be implemented within 4-6 weeks.

Q: How easy it is to do the data integration?
A: The Solution comes with instructions on how to do the file-based data integration yourself, to get you started quickly. We can provide consulting services to get your data connected to your source system(s), customize the reports, and automate the process.

Q: Can Agile HR Analytics be integrated with our existing HR systems and tools? 
A: Absolutely! Agile HR Analytics is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of HR systems and tools, including applicant tracking systems, learning management systems, and performance management platforms. This ensures a smooth flow of data between systems and a unified, comprehensive view of your workforce data.

Q: How does Agile HR Analytics integrate with our existing HR systems?
A: Agile HR Analytics seamlessly integrates with your existing HR systems, such as Workday, Oracle, or SAP, and consolidates data from multiple sources. This enables you to have a comprehensive view of your HR data in one centralized dashboard, making it easier to analyze and derive meaningful insights. 

Q: What’s the data structure that your system needs?
A: Here is a sample data file template and the data dictionary


Q: What are the key business benefits of implementing Agile HR Analytics? 
A: Agile HR Analytics delivers numerous business benefits, including improved decision-making, increased productivity, enhanced employee engagement, and optimized talent management. By leveraging data-driven insights, organizations can make more informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and drive better business outcomes.

Q: What is the typical implementation process for Agile HR Analytics? 
A: The implementation process for Agile HR Analytics begins with understanding your organization’s specific needs and objectives. Our team then works with you to configure and integrate the solution with your existing systems, ensuring a seamless experience. We also provide comprehensive training and support to help your team make the most of the platform.

Q: How long does it take to implement Agile HR Analytics?  
A: The implementation time for Agile HR Analytics can vary depending on your organization’s size, complexity, and requirements. However, our pre-built templates and experienced team help expedite the process, often allowing you to start reaping the benefits of the solution within just a few weeks.

Q: Is there a dependency on the vendor after the implementation?
A: No. The solution is based on Power BI – which is a cloud-based service by Microsoft. There is no dependency on any other platform or software, but you need to have a Power BI license from Microsoft.


Q: Is Agile HR Analytics easy to use and customize for our organization’s needs?
A: Yes, Agile HR Analytics is designed to be user-friendly and highly customizable. The intuitive interface allows HR professionals to easily navigate and interact with the data, while the flexible report templates can be tailored to address your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Q: Can we have our own branding?
A: Yes. You may do it yourself if you know Power BI, or we can help you with branding and customization.

Q: Who can do the customization, e.g., adding new calculations and business logic?
A: You can do it yourself if you know Power BI / DAX, or we can help you with that. We will provide you with a list of all data items and calculations as part of the data dictionary so you can review and make updates if required.

Q: Can we change the visualization/reports?
A: You can easily make changes to visuals by selecting different chart types, and dragging and dropping the visuals in Power BI.  The instruction videos are available. We can also help you with that as part of the implementation and support.

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