Analytical Reports for Data-driven HR

Agile HR Analytics is an end-to-end HR reporting solution – built on Microsoft Power BI – to help organizations discover useful HR insights for strategic decision making. 


Pricing & Licensing 

Q: Is the license fee a one-off cost or on an ongoing basis?
A: The license fee is a subscription paid monthly / annually with no commitment to extend. 


Q: Is the consulting fee a one-off cost or on an ongoing basis?
The consulting fee is a one-off cost. If you require ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancements, a monthly fee can be discussed for a support agreement.  


Q: What do I need to provide to receive the quote for the implementation? 
A: List of the source data system(s), required data mapping (if applicable) , data size, data refresh frequency, preferred integration method (file base or API), and if you need to create new reports or customize the existing dashboards.  

Pivacy & Security  

Q: Will the data be hosted in your environment?
A: No, all data will be hosted in your own environment. 

Q: Will data be secure?
A: Yes, in addition to the reports, security at row-level (RLS) will be implemented to enable setting up access for each user/role. 



Q: Is there a dependency on the vendor after the implementation? 
A: No. The solution is based on Power BI – which is a cloud-based service by Microsoft. There is no dependency on any other platform or software but you need to have a Power BI license from Microsoft. 

Q: Can we make any changes to the data model, field names, logic, reports, etc.? 
A: Yes, you can make any changes that you want with no restrictions from us.  


Integration Options 

Q: What are the integration options with the data systems? 
A: There are 3 options:  
– File-based: extract data to Excel templates – that can be automated – and loading data from OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online.  
– Database connection, if you store data in a database that we can connect to.
– API’s integration with Workday, Dynamics 365, etc.

Q: Which integration option is quicker/more affordable? 
A: File-based integration is simply based on Excel / CSV extracts from your HR system (such as Workday) using our templates.  This can be automated for daily data refresh.

Q: How easy it is to do the data integration? 
A: The Solution comes with instructions on how to do the file-based data integration yourself, to get you started quickly. Here is a sample file template



Q: Can we have our own branding? 
A: Yes. You may do it yourself if you know Power BI, or we can help you with branding and customization.

Q: Who can do the customization, e.g. adding new calculation and business logic? 
A: You can do it yourself if you know Power BI / DAX, or we can help you with that. Watch the instruction video

Q: Can we change the visualization/reports? 
A: You can easily make changes to visuals by selecting different chart types, dragging and dropping the visuals in Power BI.  Watch the instruction video


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