Agile HR Analytics or Panalyt - which is right for you?

We have taken the time to compare our HR analytics solution with that of Panalyt’s – find out why Agile HR is the most suitable solution for your business’s needs.



Choosing the right HR Analytics Solution

Choosing an enterprise HR analytics solution can be a painstaking process. With so much data that is unique to your organization, it can be difficult to understand the limitations of a platform until it has been implemented, which takes time and money. It’s important you do your due diligence upfront, to identify which solution is most suitable for your business’s current & future needs.

A HR Solution That Provides Value

It’s easy to tick boxes with a dashboarding system, but enterprise businesses cannot afford to implement an analytics system that does not provide relevant and meaningful insights.

Real value is gained when you can be proactive, and you can’t be proactive without data you can trust.

A HR Solution That is Scalable

You need to consider whether a solution integrates with your evolving tech stack, market & employment conditions.

A HR Solution That is Cost-effective

Standard per-employee pricing sounds affordable in theory, but with 10k+ employees costs can add up. 

A HR Solution That Is Customizable

An analytics system must be flexible so that it can be tailored in a way that enables you to make good decisions.

Agile HR vs Panalyt - Strengths

Every solution has things that they do well, it’s not always 1:1 as far as comparisons go. We have highlighted the strengths of each platform to help you in your decision.

STRENGTHS (+)Agile HRPanalyt
SUPERIOR QUALITIESExtensive HR Analytical Reports and Dashboards Tailored to Your Needs.Drag and Drop to Import All People Data, Benchmark Against Your Peers
Generate Impactful Presentation Decks.
BEST REVENUE SOURCESCompetitive pricing. Quick implementation and cost-effective.Thought leaders, advanced resources.
CORE COMPETENCIESEnd-to-end solution. Dashboard or consulting. Integrates with HR systems. Customizable depending on needs and brands.Automated data ETL pipelines for most popular HR tech systems via API.
Can also build custom RPA data extraction solutions or work with CSV/ Excel file uploads
OVERALL ADVANTAGESTailored Dashboards depending on needs. Built on Microsoft Power BI – a leader in the analytics space. Fully flexible and customizable. Full-time support for customers around the world.Many resources such as webinar, blogs, downloadable materials, news. Includes Recruitment Analytics

Why Agile HR Analytics?

Agile HR vs Panalyt - Pricing

We have taken an example using a business with 2,000 employees, to compare the available dashboards and price between Analytics solutions. Installation and customisation costs still apply in each case, but the ongoing licence costs can vary and over time make a significant difference.

Package Agile HR Analytics Panalyt
Available Dashboards Price* (p/m) Available Dashboards Price* (p/m)
Low Summary Dashboard
Employee Profile
Salary AnalysisDepartments / Business Units
Historical & Trends
$554 Org Structure
Joiners & Leavers
Gender Diversity
Salary & Payroll
Mid All of the above
Leave Analysis
Termination Analysis
Attrition Analysis
$714 All of the above
7 Performance Analysis
Engagement Analysis
7 Career Path
High All of the above
 9-Box Performance
 Attrition Prediction
 Diversity Prediction
 AI-enabled features
$1,094 All of the above
Network Analysis
Sales Effectiveness
Non-HR Data Integration

*Prices as of December 2022

Find Out If Agile HR Analytics is Right For You

Whether you’re evaluating business needs, looking for managed solutions, or need help getting started with HR analytics, our experienced consultants will guide you every step of the way.

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