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Our commitment is to your tangible business success. Through our agile and iterative methodologies and established success framework, we equip you with self-service analytics tools, allowing you to seamlessly steer the course of your data-driven journey.

Our streamlined solutions are crafted with simplicity in mind, ensuring an intuitive user experience without compromising on depth or functionality.

Our rapid delivery means your organization can quickly act on insights, getting the benefits and maximizing value in record time.

Benefit from our prominent collaboration with Microsoft, combined with the experience of our certified Power BI experts, top-tier data scientists and data engineering specialists. We commit to delivering solutions that set the benchmark in data services.

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to simplifying this transition for your organization. 

We empower you with the tools and knowledge necessary for sustained success in today’s data-driven landscape.

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Dive into our Customer Success Stories to discover real-world applications and results achieved with our solutions. From industries ranging across sectors, our clients have faced diverse challenges, and with our dedicated partnership, they’ve transformed these hurdles into opportunities. Witness the transformative power of data-driven decision-making and gain inspiration for your own journey.

Our clients’ stories are a testament to our commitment, expertise, and the tangible impact of Agile HR Analytics. Join us in celebrating these successes and envisioning the potential for your organization.

Empowering AlphaStaff Clients with Advanced Data Analytics

The partnership between AlphaStaff and AgileHR Analytics exemplifies the impact of bespoke technology solutions on specific business challenges. This collaboration not only resolved immediate technical concerns but also set a standard for future data analytics initiatives. It highlights how, with the right expertise, even the most complex data environments can be managed effectively and securely.

Elevating People Analytics at a Global Insurance Company

A leading global insurance corporation with their HQ in Hong Kong, and a workforce distributed across the world, recognized the potential of its HR data but faced significant challenges. Even with Workday at their fingertips, the data they extracted failed to give their business leaders the strategic insights they needed. With the vast sea of data generated daily, the leadership knew they weren't leveraging it to its full potential.

Empowering Strategic HR at Delicia Foods, South America

Delicia Foods, one of South America's leading food manufacturers, has always been at the forefront of innovation. Despite their advanced operational strategies, they felt an unmet need in their HR domain. Although they utilized multiple data sources, including Cornerstone Performance Management, Learning Management, Recruitment Management, and JDE, the vast amount of HR data they amassed didn’t translate into actionable, strategic insights for their leadership.


"I've worked at far larger mature companies, but this is the first time I've had this type of data and insights at my fingertips. I'm thrilled with this foundation. The power of this data and insights in real-time will unlock a ton of potential in how we can leverage our people analytics power to drive better business impact!"

DHL Enhances HR Data Reporting Capabilities

As an HR business user who is always looking for ways to present data in a more concise and clear way, I have found Agile Analytics Power BI HR dashboard templates broaden my understanding of how to develop and design Power BI dashboards for my organization’s HR department. The visualizations are a part of the learning cycle I clearly needed. Highly recommended. Definitely one of the best and well worth the money

Keolis Downer Case Study

The Agile HR Analytics dashboard and reports furnish the business with crucial insights into their personnel and workforce planning. By leveraging detailed analytics, these tools facilitate enhanced understanding of staffing dynamics and trends. This enriched data landscape supports the organization in making more informed, strategic decisions. The solution helps identify efficiencies, forecast future staffing needs, and optimize resource allocation, thereby driving improved data-driven decision-making across the entire organization.


International Oil & Gas Company

Power BI is a great tool for reporting and it can simplify and automate the manual processes which were followed. Agile Analytics team helped us with optimisation of our HR reporting using their solution built on Power BI. They did a terrific job in a very short time allowing us to focus on more on analytical side of the work rather than manual


HR Reporting Solution for a Global Fashion and Cosmetics Retailer

This online fashion and cosmetics retailer now benefits from a solution that offers deep insights into employee data, reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing forward planning. This system saves countless hours by streamlining manual processes and improving operational efficiency.

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