Elevating HR Analytics at a Global Insurance Company


A leading global insurance corporation with their HQ in Hong Kong, and a workforce distributed across the world, recognized the potential of its HR data but faced significant challenges.

Even with Workday at their fingertips, the data they extracted failed to give their business leaders the strategic insights they needed. With the vast sea of data generated daily, the leadership knew they weren’t leveraging it to its full potential.

They envisioned an advanced HR analytics solution that not only captured the intricacies of their HR functions but also prepared them for a future with advanced analytics and AI.

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The Solution

Our team collaborated closely with Global Insurance Corp to understand their unique challenges and goals. We proposed an end-to-end HR analytics solution tailored to extract, analyze, and visualize strategic insights from their existing Workday data.

The solution included:

  1. Data Harmonization: Integrate and synchronize data from various sources within Workday to ensure consistency and accuracy.

  2. Strategic Dashboards: Develop customized dashboards for senior staff and managers to derive actionable insights at a glance.

  3. AI-Ready Infrastructure: Laid foundational systems and processes that ensure smooth integration of advanced analytics and AI in the next phase.

  4. Global Deployment: Ensured the solution was scalable and accessible for hundreds of senior staff and managers worldwide.


The newly deployed HR analytics solution was an immediate hit. Hundreds of senior staff and managers across the globe found the insights invaluable, with adoption rates exceeding expectations.

Key results included:

  • Enhanced Decision Making: Business leaders could now make informed strategic decisions, backed by concrete data.
  • Increased Engagement: The intuitive dashboards and actionable insights increased engagement levels among managers and senior staff, leading to more data-driven HR decisions.
  • Future-Proofing: With an AI-ready infrastructure, Global Insurance Corp is primed to integrate advanced analytics and AI features, ensuring they remain at the forefront of HR analytics.
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With the Agile HR analytics solution in place, we've not only gained unparalleled visibility into our workforce dynamics but also set the foundation for advanced AI-driven strategies. This has been a game-changer for our global insurance operations.

Looking Ahead

With the initial phase marked as a resounding success, the client is enthusiastic about the next steps. The integration of advanced analytics and AI features promises even deeper insights, further enhancing their decision-making prowess. The future looks promising, and we’re proud to be part of their transformative journey.

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