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Exciting Release: Agile HR Analytics V4.6!

Advanced 4.6
Professional 4.6
Core 4.6
We are thrilled to announce the launch of Agile HR Analytics V4.6, a major update packed with enhancements and new features designed to elevate your HR analytics experience and empower your strategic decision-making.
What’s New in V4.6?
1. Enhanced Calculations

We’ve improved the accuracy of key measures, including but not limited to Headcount, Hires, Terminations, Base Salary, and Salary Costs. This ensures more reliable data for your strategic planning.
2. Power Query Enhancements

Our Power Query applied steps have been revised and formatted to be more understandable and easily revisable, making it simpler for users to customize and maintain their data models.
3. New Insightful Pages

We’ve added five new pages to our analytics suite:
  • Workforce Flow: Visualize employee movement within the organization.
  • Pay Gap by Business Unit: Analyze pay disparities across different business units.
  • Pay Gap by Org Level: Assess pay gaps at various organizational levels.
  • Correlation & Prediction: Explore correlations between key metrics and predict future trends.
  • Pay Gap What-if: Run scenarios to see the impact of potential changes on pay equity.
4. Key Measures Descriptions

Descriptions for new key measures have been added, providing clearer insights into the metrics that matter most.
5. Improved Navigation

We’ve reverted to the old navigation buttons for the second-level navigation, making it easier to maintain and customize.
6. Variable Naming Conventions

All defined variables now have a prefix with an underscore, improving clarity and consistency.
7. Updated Visuals

New card visuals with enhanced edit functionalities have been implemented, offering more flexibility and customization options.
8. Cosmetic Enhancements

Various UI enhancements have been made for a more polished and user-friendly experience.
9. Updated Date Dimension Table

The Date Dim table has been updated for more accurate time-based analyses.
10. Improved Attrition Prediction

Our Python code for attrition prediction has been updated, resulting in increased prediction accuracy.
Empowering Strategic HR
Agile HR Analytics V4.6 is designed to help HR professionals transition from operational to strategic roles. By providing deeper insights and more accurate data, our solution enables HR teams to:
  • Identify Trends and Patterns: With enhanced analytics, HR can uncover trends and patterns that impact workforce planning and development.
  • Drive Data-Driven Decisions: Improved accuracy and new predictive capabilities empower HR to make informed decisions that align with organizational goals.
  • Promote Pay Equity: New pay gap analysis tools help HR address pay disparities and foster a fairer workplace.
  • Enhance Employee Experience: By understanding workforce flow and attrition, HR can implement strategies to improve retention and employee satisfaction.
Join the HR Transformation
At Agile HR Analytics, we believe in the power of data to transform HR into a strategic partner within the organization. Our latest release, V4.6, is a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge tools that drive HR excellence.
Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to innovate and support your HR analytics journey.

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