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At Agile HR Analytics, we understand that every organization has unique needs. That’s why we offer customizable licensing options, from a cost-effective self-service package for those who prefer a hands-on approach, to comprehensive solutions where our experts design, build, and deploy your data-driven HR transformation. Choose the path that aligns with your vision, and let us empower your HR journey. 

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Summary Dashboard
Diversity & Inclusion
Employee Profile
Salary Analysis
Departments / Business Units
Historical & Trends
Performance Analysis
Employee Profile
Product Support
Leave Analysis
Termination Analysis
Attrition Analysis
Executive Summary
Top 10 Questions
Recruitment Analysis
New Starters Analysis
Hiring Performance
Great Resignation
9-Box Performance
Attrition Prediction
Diversity Prediction
AI-Enabled Features
Free product consulting
Free people analytics strategy consulting
Free subscription to “People Analytics" training by AIHR

Integration and implementation

We seamlessly integrate with your HR systems and other business data sources.

Our fees are customized based on factors like your source system(s), data complexity, and quality. As every business is unique, we ensure our pricing aligns with your specific needs. Please contact us for an obligation-free quote tailored to your project requirements.

Ongoing Support

Our support encompasses both proactive measures for system optimization and rapid, reactive solutions for unexpected issues. We’re committed to maintaining your system’s performance and swiftly resolving any challenges, serving as a reliable partner for your business needs.

Add ons

People Insights - AI-Powered Executive Pack

Redefining HR Reporting with AI and Expert Insights

Agile HR Virtual Assistant

Empower your workforce with AI-powered chatbots for improving employee experiences
Integration Data Warehouse
Ongoing Support

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