Mastering People Analytics

Harnessing Data & AI to Revolutionize HR

This session is designed for HR leaders eager to leverage the power of data analytics and AI to enhance decision-making and drive organizational success.

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Session Highlights

Join Dr. Philip Gibbs, ex-Executive of People Analytics at two of Australia’s Big-4 banks and a renowned expert in People Analytics, for a transformative 1.5-hour masterclass tailored for forward-thinking HR executives and leaders. Dive deep into the evolving world of people analytics, explore the latest trends, and understand the profound impact of AI in HR. Dr. Gibbs brings a wealth of knowledge from his illustrious career, offering participants unparalleled insights into leveraging technology for HR excellence. Whether you’re looking to refine recruitment strategies, enhance employee engagement, or predict organizational trends, this session promises to equip you with the tools and expertise to drive a seismic shift in your HR practices. Secure your spot and position yourself as a strategic HR powerhouse in the era of AI.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll have a clear understanding of how Data Analytics & AI can help you overcome the limitations of common HCM / HRIS platforms and provide you with valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Dr Philip Gibbs

Dr. Philip Gibbs

Who Should Attend & Why

If you are an HR Manager / HR Business Partner or CHRO, and feel like you’re not getting the full value from your HR data join us for an informative event where we’ll demonstrate the power of Data Analytics & AI in transforming your HR data into actionable insights.

What Will You Learn?

Many organizations are hitting the wall in HR measurement

Learn how to bridge the gap / breaking through the wall

Analytics is not a new concept. Organizations apply analytics to all kinds of challenges in business areas like Operations, Customer Services and Marketing & Sales.

The business area that seems to lag behind in using these advanced methods is Human Resources (HR). Of course a lot of HR related data is being gathered.

However, much of the current HR related analytics create little impact. Even though more and more data is gathered and more sophisticated analysis becomes possible, HR rarely drives a strategic change.

Key Insights: A Sneak Peek into the Learnings

Introduction to Analytics in HR

The attendees will gain an understanding of the importance of analytics in HR and its role in driving HR success.

People Analytics Dashboards

Learn about different types of HR dashboards, including Executive, Managerial, and Operational, and best practices for People Analytics.

HR data to
Power BI 

Learn how to overcome the limitations of common HR platforms and get techniques for constructing HR analytical reports using Power BI.

By the end of the session, attendees will have a comprehensive understanding of leveraging their HR data for insightful analysis. They will also understand the process of transforming the HR department into a data-driven function.

Meet the HR Analytics Thought Leaders: Our Esteemed Panel of Speakers

Anthony Ally

Anthony Ally is top rated leadership author, who has delivered advanced business intelligence solutions since the 1990s for companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Experian and other global 2000 organizations. He serves as the Chief Client Strategy Officer for Agile HR Analytics. C-Level executives such as Michael Lu have shared how Anthony challenges them to look at ideas, management, personnel and operations in a new light! His Agape Model builds loyalty, morale, excitement and the bottom line!

Iman Eftekhari

Iman Eftekhari, the Director at Agile HR Analytics, is a data enthusiast devoted to enabling organizations to unlock the potential of their data assets. With two decades of experience in data analytics, he has successfully contributed to business results across diverse industries worldwide. Apart from his professional endeavors, Iman takes an active role in community engagement, leading the Microsoft Power BI User Group and organizing the Sydney HR & People Analytics meetups.

Shahram Karimi

Shahram Karimi, a prominent HR expert, boasts an impressive track record of over 20 years, having driven success across various sectors such as Financial Services, Telecommunications, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Professional Services. His vast knowledge encompasses People Analytics, and he is a champion of implementing data-driven HR strategies in organizations.

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Daniel Seyedagha

Daniel is an accomplished Power BI consultant with a foundation in statistical modeling and a wealth of experience in Data Analytics. His expertise is frequently showcased through his regular appearances at Enterprise DNA events, where he has twice emerged as the victor in their data challenges. His experience extends to the implementation of Agile HR Analytics, providing operational, advanced, and predictive analytics solutions for organizations of medium to large scale.