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New Partnership Provides Powerful Options For HR leaders in Europe

The world’s leading evidence-based HR solution, Agile HR Analytics, is now available with Germany’s Business Intelligence Experts at INKUBIT


Hiring valuable employees is costly, but losing them is even costlier. Large companies have been at a disadvantage in increasing productivity, while reducing attrition costs because HR executives have been missing the key that marketing and sales executives have had for decades. But now, CEOs can partner with HR managers to increase their company’s value, while building greater equity for all their employees.

Before this new partnership, managers either struggled for months to try to get basic reports that were of little use or would need to find and hire rare and expensive HR experienced data scientists and programmers and data transformation specialists and overload their already overburdened IT staff to spend more hours to scrounge up some type of report that often missed the mark.

Kai Gutzeit, Managing Director of Microsoft Gold Partner INKUBIT, said: “Thankfully, companies can now save millions of dollars from costly trial and error band-aid solutions by special access to proven HR business intelligence and AI driven solutions.

Author of top-rated leadership book, Anthony Ally, who also serves as CCSO for Agile HR Analytics clients and partners, shared his excitement about this new premier partnership: “In 30 years of working with various business intelligence solutions in global 2000 companies, I’ve never seen one that could have as greater impact in leading our most important assets: our people.

Executives who view Agile HR dashboards often ask: “These are exactly what we’ve needed to lead better but have never been able to get. How soon can I get access to these?

The founder of Agile HR Analytics, Iman Eftekhari, was excited to announce that “most organizations who work with our premier partner INKUBIT will have access to their highest priority dashboards in 10 weeks or less!

Kai also shared: “We are eager to start working on implementing this function for our customers. Realtime management reports and actionable insights are the basis for data-driven business decisions. With these new dashboards, leaders can make smarter decisions that will help them achieve greater successes”.

To find out more, see a live interactive demo at HR Analytics Accelerator – INKUBIT

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