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Explore multiple avenues to boost your revenue with our tailored partnership programs.

From strategy formulation to hands-on project delivery, we’ve got it covered.

Our rapid delivery means your team can quickly implement that for your clients, getting the benefits and maximizing value in record time.

Our solutions are built on the Microsoft platform, ensuring you tap into their industry-leading data & AI.

Elevate your technical delivery with our advanced tools and methodologies.

We empower your sales, marketing and technical teams with the tools and knowledge necessary for success in this space.

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Partnership Models

Referral Program

Earn commissions on licenses and consulting services, with prompt deal responses and reliable payments.

Reseller Program

Tiered discounts, white-label reselling, and comprehensive sales & marketing support.

Strategic Partnership

Combine strengths, offering integrated solutions, in-depth training, and technical support.

Benefit from our deep expertise in Data Analytics & AI tailored for HR-centric transformations

Partners Success Stories

Real Stories, Real Success

Dive into our partner’s success stories to discover the results achieved with our solutions. 

Our partners’ stories are a testament to our commitment, expertise, and the tangible benefits of our partnership. 

Join us in this journey and envisioning the potential for your organization.

INKUBIT - Germany

"Working with Agile HR Analytics is more than just a partnership. with Agile HR Analytics we've become a unit in making our customer's people analytics successful and creating the highest possible return on investment in a short amount of time with AHAs Solutions. Iman and his team is meeting us on eye level and not only supporting with extraordinary marketing material and sales tips, but also with the support so we were able to deliver our first AHA solutions projects successfully!"

Ensight - Turkey

"We are delighted to be working with Agile HR Analytics. In a short period of time, firms in Turkey choose Microsoft Power BI assisted HR solutions. Because of its ease of use, our technical team is able to integrate Agile HR Analytics fast and efficiently for our customers. We wholeheartedly endorse it!"

Pomelos - France

"As a proud seller partner of Agile HR Analytics, we at Pomelos have witnessed the transformative impact their solutions have on HR decision-making. Integrating seamlessly within Microsoft's robust ecosystem, Agile HR Analytics elevates our service offerings, enabling us to deliver unparalleled insights and strategies to our clients.
Their HR dashboards bring a new level of precision and clarity, empowering our clients to make more informed, impactful HR decisions. With Agile HR Analytics we can maximize the benefits for our clients efficiently and effectively.
This partnership isn't just about advanced solutions; it's about creating added value and transformative experiences for our common customers!"

Our Satisfied Customers

We’ve helped clients across a diverse range of industries, with our innovative BI and Data Analytics solutions.

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