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There is a lot of “free” info out there about HR functionality, team building and improvement, but none of them compare to our data-driven, practical and real-world guidance, summarized in this digestible and uncomplicated handbook.

What can you expect?

Our handbook covers everything in detail, but this is a short insight into what you’ll find in this free e-book:

How to lay foundations for People Analytics

Before you begin, we provide checklists and explanations that will help you customise your experience with the Handbook by assessing your current HR landscape.

Dig for the real data

Do away with vanity metrics. Locate and understand the information that has real impact and consequences for your business. 

Now it's all about follow-through!

You’ve prepped, researched and analysed – it’s time to put words into action. Learn how to implement and scale your People Analytics System into your business. Bonus tips on how to overcome common barriers to adoption, real world case studies, post-adoption measurements and looking at future trends in People Analytics!

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