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Six Essential People Analytics Dashboards

HR professionals are sitting on an unprecedented trove of data covering all aspects of talent management, from hiring and payroll to performance and employee engagement.

Dig into this data goldmine and you’ll find insights that can guide your strategic decision-making about how to attract, manage and retain employees. This process is known as ‘HR analytics’ or ‘people analytics’.

But collecting employee data isn’t enough; you also need to make sense of it – a challenging task when large volumes of data are coming in from multiple sources in different structures and using different metrics.

That’s where a HR analytics dashboard system, like the one you can find in Agile HR Analytics, can help.

What’s a HR dashboard?

A HR dashboard or people analytics dashboard is a powerful tool that lets you visualize, analyze and report across all key performance indicators. It does this by collecting relevant data from all your business systems and organizing it on one screen, so you can monitor your most essential workforce metrics at a glance in real-time and make more informed decisions.

People analytics dashboard examples

HR dashboards can be tailored to your organizational needs. But while every HR department has different goals, here are seven popular dashboard ideas you can use to get valuable information about your business.

Click each dashboard example to explore further.

Executive HR Dashboard

HR executive dashboards give a bird’s eye view of all your key KPIs, so you can quickly check your organization’s overall health and progress. These high-level metrics could include everything from your employee gender ratios to their turnover rate or average salary.

Employee Performance Dashboard

Measuring employee performance give you crucial insights into your organization’s most valuable asset such as:

● Employee productivity
● Compensation
● Absenteeism
● Overtime hours
● Performance ratings

You can use this information to set benchmarks for better talent management, improve employee utilization and proactively address problems before they can escalate.

Employee Development Dashboard

An employee development dashboard lets you assess the needs of your staff and also monitor their training programs, so you can see the link between training and performance. You can use the dashboard to ensure your learning and development programs are engaging and contribute to your organizational goals.

Workforce Demographics Dashboard

This dashboard gives you a snapshot of the demographic characteristics of your employees, such as their genders, ages, location, ethnicities, roles and departments. Tracking this data can help you build and maintain a diverse, balanced workforce.

Workforce Diversity Dashboard

You can use a diversity dashboard to dig deeper into demographic data, so you can see if your organization is on track to meet its diversity goals, and potentially adjust your recruitment, and retention strategies accordingly.

Gender Pay Gap Analysis Dashboard

Tracking workforce demographics and breaking out data by employee tenure, job role and geography lets you see how well your organization is bringing traditionally underrepresented groups into the workforce and leadership positions.

The example below shows salary analysis.

Salary by gender

How to choose the best HR analytics solution

HR dashboards are incredibly powerful tools that can give you real-time data and insights to help your organization grow in one simple, intuitive interface.

Agile HR Analytics is a high-quality people analytics solution that:

● Provides an end-to-end analytics and reporting solution
● Accesses data from multiple data sources
● Is tailored to your organizational needs
● Is AI-enabled to make you ready for HR 4.0#

Want to mine your HR data to help your organization thrive? Agile HR Analytics can help. To find out more, email or fill in this contact form.

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