3 Examples of How Effective Usage of HR Data Caused Employee Growth

HR Data and Employee Growth

Using HR data can help drive employee growth in the modern business environment. Employee growth is important as it directly contributes to the overall success of the organization. Using insights from HR data, strategies can be implemented that effectively drive employee growth. Several contemporary businesses have achieved success with the use of their HR data […]

3 Ways your Data Tells you your Employees are Under-skilled

3 Ways your Data Tells you your Employees are Under-skilled

Under-skilled employees could stand as a barrier to the organization’s success. The measurement of employee’s performance against the set, desired performance highlights the competency gap. Using data available to the organization can help you determine whether your employees are under-skilled. Competent employees contribute to a safe, efficient, and cost-effective working environment. These are all metrics […]

40% of Expensive Employee Training is Ineffective

Employee Trainings and reasons behind ineffieciency

Investing in employee training is a priority for modern businesses. However, Mercer Mettl, a talent assessment company, highlights that 40% of the investment made in employee training does not give the desired return on investment. Employees with poor training result in premature job exits and low performance in their roles and responsibilities. Properly using information obtained through HR […]

Without Data Analytics Capabilities in HR, 5% Less Employee Development Occurs

Employee Development with Data Analytics

According to Gallup, an analytics company, lacking data analytics capabilities in your human resource efforts translates to 5% less employee development.   To HR, employees are the greatest assets in the organisation. As assets to the business, it is important that you continually invest in employees. This is achieved through the provision of training opportunities and a supportive working environment. Carrying out employee […]