3 Key Metrics Your HR Analytics Software Should Track

Insights from HR data are just as valuable to your company as data from your other business units. After all, employees have the potential to make or break a business. That’s why it’s vital to pay attention to your HR data. If your organization has a robust end-to-end HR analytics and reporting software, like Agile […]

Six Essential People Analytics Dashboards

HR professionals are sitting on an unprecedented trove of data covering all aspects of talent management, from hiring and payroll to performance and employee engagement. Dig into this data goldmine and you’ll find insights that can guide your strategic decision-making about how to attract, manage and retain employees. This process is known as ‘HR analytics’ […]

How People Analytics Creates Diversity and Workforce Productivity

How People Analytics Creates Diversity and Workforce Productivity Two of the world’s biggest management consulting groups have found a simple way for companies to increase their workforce productivity. It’s to take diversity and inclusion more seriously. Studies from McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group found that companies with above-average levels of ethnic and gender diversity were […]