HR Data Analytics Processes: Best Practices

HR Data Analytics Processes: Best Practices

There are so many available ways in which HR data can be analysed and interpreted to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and essentially organisational performance. However, for HR departments, analysing this data in an accurate manner in order to find business insights is not as easy as it seems.  Some say the best way to learn […]

40% of Expensive Employee Training is Ineffective

Employee Trainings and reasons behind ineffieciency

Investing in employee training is a priority for modern businesses. However, Mercer Mettl, a talent assessment company, highlights that 40% of the investment made in employee training does not give the desired return on investment. Employees with poor training result in premature job exits and low performance in their roles and responsibilities. Properly using information obtained through HR […]

3 Ways in which Effective HR Data Analysis can lead to Employee Happiness

HR Data and Employee Happiness

These days it is arguably common practice for successful businesses to make decisions based on insights from analysed data and data insights. Specifically, HR data can give useful information on where improvements need to be made concerning employee training, hiring, or retention processes. Such processes have an effect on employee attitudes and satisfaction in their […]