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10 Important Questions Every HR Leader Should Be Asking (and how HR analytics can provide the answers)

In the rapidly evolving world of HR, data-driven decision-making has become paramount. As HR leaders navigate the challenges of talent management, employee engagement, and organizational development, specific questions demand clarity. Here, we explore the top 10 questions HR leaders must ask and how HR analytics can illuminate the answers. 

  1. How can we improve employee retention?

HR Analytics Insight: Dive into turnover rates, analyze exit interview data, and identify patterns in employee departures. Recognize departments or roles with higher attrition and target interventions accordingly. 

  1. Are our diversity and inclusion initiatives effective?

HR Analytics Insight: Go beyond surface metrics to truly understand the inclusivity landscape. Track diversity across all levels of the organization, measure the success of D&I programs, and identify potential areas of improvement. 

Example: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Dashboard
  1. Which departments or teams have the highest and lowest engagement scores?

HR Analytics Insight: Engagement surveys, when integrated into analytics platforms, provide a clear view of departmental or team-wise sentiments. Use this data to strategize specific interventions, be it additional training, team-building exercises, or managerial changes. 

  1. How can we better align workforce skills with business goals?

HR Analytics Insight: Skill gap analysis can highlight areas where the workforce might be lagging. By juxtaposing this with business objectives, HR can chart out targeted upskilling or reskilling programs. 

  1. Are our recruitment channels effective in sourcing the right talent?

HR Analytics Insight: Track the effectiveness of different hiring channels by analyzing the performance and retention of new hires. Fine-tune your recruitment strategies based on data-driven insights about which channels deliver the best results. 

Example: Recruitment Analysis Dashboard
  1. Is there a pay disparity based on gender, ethnicity, or other factors?

HR Analytics Insight: A deep dive into compensation data, when categorized by demographics, can highlight any inadvertent biases. Analytics helps ensure that compensation is fair and equitable across the board. 

  1. How can we predict and prevent unplanned absenteeism?

HR Analytics Insight: By studying patterns in absenteeism and correlating them with factors like workload, engagement scores, or health and wellness data, HR analytics can offer predictive insights, allowing for proactive measures. 

  1. Are our learning and development programs translating into improved performance?

HR Analytics Insight: Post-training analytics can gauge the tangible impacts of L&D initiatives. By comparing pre and post-training performance metrics, HR leaders can discern the ROI on development programs. 

  1. How can we optimize our workforce allocation for maximum productivity?

HR Analytics Insight: Workforce analytics can indicate which teams or departments might be overburdened and which ones have bandwidth. Such insights help in optimal resource allocation, ensuring balanced workloads and better productivity. 

  1. Are our employee benefits aligned with what our workforce values most?

HR Analytics Insight: Analyzing feedback on employee benefits and juxtaposing it with retention and engagement data can reveal how much the workforce values certain perks. This can guide HR leaders in fine-tuning benefit packages for maximum impact. 


The modern HR leader doesn’t just go by intuition; they seek answers rooted in data. HR analytics serves as their compass, pointing them in the right direction and ensuring every decision, strategy, and intervention is backed by solid, actionable insights. 

In an age where data is abundant, the real power lies in harnessing it effectively. And for HR leaders, this means continuously asking the right questions and turning to analytics for the answers. 


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