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Unleash the Power: Discover Agile HR Analytics Solution’s New Features

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest HR Analytics update, packed with exciting features and enhancements. This update empowers HR professionals with comprehensive insights into their data, enabling them to make strategic and impactful decisions. In this version, we have dug deep to ensure these advancements can revolutionize the way HR managers approach their responsibilities, driving positive transformations within their organizations. 

New Features

New Reports and Enhanced Insights

Our suite now includes four new reports: Executive Dashboard, Salary Analysis, Pay Gap Index, and Salary Cost Distribution. These reports provide valuable insights into HR data, empowering strategic decision-making and fostering equitable practices.

AI Integration for Intuitive Analysis

We have integrated AI capabilities into the Executive Dashboard, leveraging ChatGPT for text and voice insights. This integration enables intuitive data analysis and interpretation, unveiling hidden patterns and trends within HR data.

Fixes, Smart Narrative, and Power Query Optimization

To ensure accuracy, we resolved issues with measures and KPIs. The “Magic 4 Boxes – New Starters” report now includes a Smart Narrative feature, simplifying data comprehension and presentation. Additionally, our Power Query has been optimized for better performance and reliability.

Improved Aesthetics for Enhanced User Experience

The reports have undergone visual enhancements, providing a more user-friendly and visually pleasing experience. The improved aesthetics make navigation intuitive, fostering better engagement with HR data.

Video Walk Through – Latest Version of Agile HR Analytics

With our latest HR Analytics update, organizations can harness the power of data-driven decision-making. The new reports, AI integration, fixes, smart narrative feature, Power Query optimization, and improved aesthetics empower HR professionals to unlock meaningful insights. Experience the enhanced user interface through the video walkthrough and GIF. Embrace the potential of HR Analytics and make informed decisions that drive organizational success.

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